Aoi Miyoshi
Character Information
Gender Male
Real Name Soichiro Ono (小野 総一郎 Ono Soichiro)
Occupation Spy and Photo Studio Employee
First Anime Appearance Episode 1
Voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino (Japanese)

Greg Ayres (English)

Status Alive
Aoi Miyoshi (三好 葵 Miyoshi Aoi) is a main character in Night Raid 1931.


Aoi is a slim young man with short spiky light brown hair and a light brown eyes matching the color of his hair. He is seen with a black jacket over a white or pink shirt with the collars sticking out and a red tie around it. He also wears black pants with black shoes.


Aoi is a lively young man with a positive spirit and a great sense of justice who tends to act rashly and impusively.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telekinetic Ability: This ability allows Aoi to manipulate the speed of objects around him and requires only that he needs to see the object he intends to affect. While it proves to be useful for situations such as dodging bullets, it appears to have a time duration of use from the moment he begins to use the ability.
  • Proficiency in Many Languages: Aoi is profient in Chinese, Russian, German, and English used to study Europe where he picked up a more liberal outlook on life.
  • Violinist: Aoi also plays the violin but not in the professional level.
  • Photography: Aoi is proficient with both still photography and motion picture equipment on a professional level.