Isao Takachiho
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Character Information
Gender Male
Real Name None
Occupation Former Member of Kwatung Army
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Voiced by Hiroaki Hirata (Japanese)

Andrew Love (English)

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Isao Takachiho (高千穂 勲 Takachiho Isao) is Yukina's older brother. He was a member of the Kwantung Army but disappeared without a trace along with the platoon he was in charge of in Manchuria, forcing Yukina to search for him. It is revealed that he has been acting in accordance to his own take on Pan-Asianism and becomes the enemy of Sakurai Kikan.


Isao has brown eyes with long eyebrows that have 2 spikes at each end and has slicked back black spiky hair.


Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telepathy: Like his sister, he also has telepathic abilities but much stronger than hers to the point of using it to knock his targets unconscious.