Natsume Kagiya
Character Information
Gender Male
Real Name Kichizo Tanaka (田中吉蔵 Tanaka Kichizo)
Occupation Spy
First Anime Appearance Episode 1
Voiced by Takanori Hoshino (Japanese)

David Wald (English)

Status deceased
Natsume Kagiya (鍵谷 棗 Kagiya Natsume) is a main character in Night Raid 1931.


Natsume has very long wavy black hair that goes down to his waist and is styled in a pony tail. He has two unusually long bangs in front of his face that are cricked. He usually wears a wrap around his neck. For his shirt, he wears a long sleeve shirt that buttons up at the left side and has a red diamond design inside green lines on the sleeve area. Around his shirt he wears a long red and yellow belt that is tied up around the waste area. He also wears regular black pants with black shoes and white socks.

Second AttireEdit

When dressing up nicely he wears a dressy white shirt with a blue handkerchief around the collar of it under a black buttoned up suit vest. Over the vest is a suit jacket that has a flower with white petals in the chest pocket. He wears black pants and black shoes in this attire too.


Natsume is a stern yet quietly earnest man. He has a very honest and sincere personality, but has his klutzy moments at times.


Natsume was born to a family of poor farmers. In his youth, he used to work as a servant at a garden tree house where he learned of his psychic ability for the first time.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Clairvoyance: Natsume has clairvoyance, which is useful for survelliance, and excells during moonlight nights.
  • Sniper: Natsume acts as the group's sniper.