Shin'ichirou Sakurai
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Character Information
Gender Male
Real Name None
Occupation Supervisor
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Voiced by Ryūsuke Ōbayashi (Japanese)

John Kaiser (English)

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Shin'ichirou Sakurai(桜井 信一郎 Sakurai Shin'ichirō) is a supervisor from Sakurai Kikan and formerly an Imperial Japanese Army lieutenant colonel. He is the one who usually gives mission briefings to the group.


Shin'ichirou appears to be a middle aged young man. He has black hair and black eyes. He has an unconnected mustache that curves upwards and thins out on the outer-end of it. He wears brown glasses with circular lens that have a brown tint. He also wears a black fedora on the top his head and a black suite with a white shirt under and a yellow bow tie.


Shin'ichirou is a mild-mannered gentelman and speaks in a polite tone. Aoi describes him as a sly person.